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ScatterWeb provides a platform for wireless sensor networks. The ScatterWeb system was developed by the CST group at the Freie Universität Berlin. At these pages you find information about the different sensor nodes and the provided firmware. To get a general idea a first steps dokument is provided. A more detailed introduction can be found in the user guide.

Documentation in the Web

Scatterweb Website at FU Berlin:

Commercial Website:



The microcontroller of the ScatterWeb nodes is a Texas Instruments MSP430F149.

Radio Communication

For wireless communication the transceiver TR-1001 from RFM is used. The transmission range allows for ranges of 300 m in open spaces and up to 100 m in buildings.


For communication with the node using a terminal (eg. HyperTerminal) following setting have to be applied:

  • 8 data bits
  • no parity
  • 1 stopp bit
  • no flow control

Furthermore the terminal has to send a carriage return to finish a line. It's also useful to switch on the local echo to see what one has typed in. :wsn:scatterweb:com.png :wsn:scatterweb:ascii.png



For programming a simple firmware is provided. The documentation for the current firmware can be found here. All versions of the firmware are available via this site.


General questions about the firmware and the nodes are collected here.

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