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Sensor Networks (SensorNet)


In this project, heterogeneous sensor networks consisting of a broad palette of different kinds of nodes, of highly primitive sensors with minimal energy supply, computing power, and communication bandwidth, passive RFID based devices, stationary sensors connected to a LAN up to nodes with resources for aggregation and processing of data are considered.

The focus of our research is currently on the following topics:

  • Cross-layer optimization between link and network layer.
  • Dynamic neighborhood protocols.
  • Algorithms for topology control based on clustering.
  • Interaction of moving nodes with a stationary sensor network.
  • Methods for management of sensor data, where both network internal and external storage of the data are considered.
  • How can data from sensor networks be utilized in applications on a higher abstraction layer (vertical integration problem).
  • Lightweight geographic routing algorithms tolerating location uncertainty.
  • Field tests.

Used Sensor Platforms

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