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Ambient Assistance for Recovery - Demonstrator

“Ambient Assistance for Recovery” (AA4R) is a project of the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg which purpose it is to develop a medical system that monitors patients staying at home. The idea is that the known environment will have a positive influence on the patients recovery. To minimize the risk of staying away from the hospital and to give further information about the patient's health to the responsible medical staff, a system is being developed that monitors the patient's recovery and sends those data to a medical server for further processing. (e.g. review by a doctor)

For more information, please visit AA4R.

 AA4R Scenario

The AA4R demonstrator is a small proof of concept to illustrate the current state of development. Therefore, a sensor network is prepared to exemplify the supervision of a patient, and a medical server is deployed to collect the data of the sensor network. To be more precise, the current setup of the demo displays one patient monitored by two sensors.

 Demonstrator Network with more than one patient

Quick Start Guide

For more information about the protocols used, see:

For more information about setting up the sensor network, see:

and for more information on the setup of the medical server, see:

If any questions arise please contact Martin Ringwelski at The used sensor nodes belong to the Telematics Institute, the pulse sensor to the Comnets Institute.

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